UK specialists in the removal of Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) from Private Water Supplies

Shakesby Ltd are a family business and are currently celebrating 45 years of supplying water treatment equipment to industrial and domestic private water supplies.

Situated in the heart of Norfolk in a purpose built facility (with it’s own private water supply!), we design and supply our range of unique, patented* Iron and Manganese removal filters throughout the UK using a network of highly experienced authorised distributors who can assess your water and site requirements and advise on the right treatment package for your supply.

Our filters offer distinct advantages compared to others.

Patented Design*

Unique, true air scour back wash at typically half the service flow rate.

High Efficiency

Aeration, venting & filtration all in one vessel reducing the system footprint.

Low operating costs

No salt, low water usage in backwash and minimal servicing.

Environmentally friendly

No chemicals and no elevation of sodium levels.

*British Patent No. 2368028


Key to our success is the extensive knowledge our authorised distributors have of our products. Their engineers receive training from us on all aspects from filter selection to installation to servicing and maintenance.