SVED Range – Where untreated and open ended are required

The SVED range offers a combination of both the ED and SVET functions. Working from a raw pressurised supply it will treat the required water and feed a float switch controlled storage tank. Very useful on farms requiring different water quality requirements.

The use of treated water storage has many advantages over a direct supply. All iron removal filters can only supply treated water at a given flow rate depending on the size of filter. It is often the case that the peak demand on site may be much higher than the filter or even the supply itself. However, with a suitably sized tank the peak flow can be accommodated while the filter supplies water to the tank at the average flow rate.

Models: SVED1354, SVED1665 & SVED1865

SVED1354 SVED1665 SVED1865
Service flow rate 1.4 2.0 2.7
Backwash flow rate 0.7 1.0 1.25
Dimensions H x W mm 1600 x 400 1930 x 420 2010 x 480

All data is approximate. Flow rates measured in m3/hr.
*British Patent No. 2368028, 1586689, 2062174


Incorporating patented features* and many unique components our range of domestic iron removal filters offer exceptional performance.

The unique design of the filters ensures that efficiency levels are maintained for longer and servicing is less frequent. With the oxidation of the iron taking place within the actual filter the danger of iron deposits obstructing pipe work and fittings is minimised.

The filter’s are fully automatic and after a predetermined period perform a wash cycle to remove the iron deposits from within the filter. On all but the basic models, a true, air scour system makes this back washing action extremely effective and efficient. Typically, the back wash flow rate is half of the service flow rate and a failure mechanism known as ‘mud balling’ is eliminated.

Unique standard features include:

SIRM – Shakesby Iron Removal Media. Our own propriety catalytic filter media is a light weight material which accelerates the reaction between oxygen and iron. As a catalyst, it is not used up in this action and is classed as a permanent media. Under normal operating conditions SIRM should achieve many, many years of service and is not routinely replaced keeping lifetime running costs to a minimum.

True, air scour back wash (except EB). Air scour is commonly used in large municipal water treatment works but not in small domestic filters. This has been a key feature of Shakesby filters since the early days of development. Air scour is extremely effective and virtually eliminates the failure mechanism known as ‘mud balling’ and is instrumental in improving the life span of the filter media.

Back wash flow rate is half that of the service flow rate. Using our patented design and other unique components it is possible to achieve this key benefit for you. It is especially relevant when comparing other filters on the market. These, at best, have the same back wash and service flow rate with some requiring higher than the service flows. All comparable iron removal filters pass wash water to drain, so using a filter which reduces the loading on the drain system can have tangible benefits.

Aeration, venting and filtration all in one unit. The combination of unique components within our filters can induce air into the incoming water, vent off excess air and unwanted odours, such as Hydrogen Sulphide the rotten egg smell, and retain the iron deposits all within one vessel, saving on space and components.

Unique ‘spider’ distributor (except EB). Developed to overcome a number of issues the spider has been a staple of our filters since the early days. Its design allows:

  • Easy installation into the, industry standard, 2.5” top hole in filter vessels
  • Even and efficient water flow in both back wash and service
  • It removes the need for a gravel support bed

It is not uncommon to find competitive filter systems with a 1/3 of the vessel filled with gravel. This seriously effects performance and is extremely difficult to service.

Air draw protected by a nominal 0.2 micron air filter. Aerating iron removal filters have to draw air into the water. However, this is a potential contamination point. If, for instance, a filter is installed in a dusty or dirty environment then particulate, bacteria or even insects could easily been drawn into the water stream. All Shakesby filters are protected by nominal 0.2 micron air filter which can stop bacteria as well as particulate.

Alarmingly, most competitive aerating filters do not use any form of air filter. To compound this situation, when air draw devices stop working efficiently and water leaks out, instead of investigating why this has happened often the ‘fix’ is to fit a piece of pipe to allow the water to run to drain. However, when the air draw does occur (usually in the wash cycle) it draws air and whatever else in from the drain!

Reliable Control Valve

Based on the super reliable Fleck 2510 multi-port control valve we have built a reputation for performance and reliability.

We dismantle the 2510 valve and modified it to our own specification. Then over 40 components are used to create our continually aerating iron removal filters. All of these components are designed by us with manufacturing both in-house and through local engineering partners.

The components are then assembled into sub-assemblies ready to be constructed to order. Once fully assembled the complete filter valve is hydraulically tested and passes quality control. With the addition of a serial number and customer handbook the complete filter is ready to be dispatched to one of our authorised distributors and on to you.