Industrial/Commercial Iron Removal Filters

As with the domestic range of iron removal filters the larger, Industrial units are designed to provide exceptional iron reduction, long service intervals and low life time operating costs.

There are two main styles of industrial filter. The TM (Top Mount) and SM (Side Mount), both able to produce excellent iron removal performance.

Incorporating patented features* and many unique components both types are fully integrated with aeration, venting and filtration all in the one vessel.

The standard range of industrial filters will normally allow straight forward installation into your water supply, however we can readily tailor a system to fit your requirements.

We also supply TM and SM versions of the MG filters.

Industrial/Commercial Iron Removal Filters

SM Range

The SM range is our most comprehensive Iron removal filter designed to cope with any iron level. Every feature has been designed to maintain superb continuous operation and extended service intervals

TM Range

The TM range is our entry level Industrial iron removal filter. Compact and fully integrated they offer a cost effective solution for smaller industrial and commercial supplies with relatively low iron levels. With very good service intervals and easily dismantled inlet components.

MG Range

The industrial sized MG filters are designed to complement the industrial iron removal filters and can be tailored to suit pressurised or open ended systems as required. Normally installed as second stage polishing filters they are specified based on site conditions and are often smaller than the preceding first stage iron removal filter.


SIRM – Shakesby Iron Removal Media. Our own proprietary catalytic filter media is a light weight material which accelerates the reaction between oxygen and iron. As a catalyst, it is not used up in this action and is classed as a permanent media. Under normal operating conditions SIRM should achieve many, many years of service and is not routinely replaced keeping lifetime running costs to a minimum.

True, air scour back wash. This has been a key feature of Shakesby filters since the early days of development. The fact that the air scour back wash flow rate is typically half that of the service flow rate ensures reduced water usage without compromising efficiency. Pumps can be specified for service rather than back wash flow rates.

Back wash flow rate is half that of the service flow rate. Using our unique design and components it is possible to achieve this key benefit for you. It is especially relevant when comparing other filters on the market. These, at best, have the same back wash and service flow rate with some requiring higher than the service flows.

Aeration, venting and filtration all in one unit. The combination of unique components within our filters can induce air into the incoming water, vent off excess air and unwanted odours, such as Hydrogen Sulphide (the rotten egg smell), and retain the iron deposits all within one vessel, saving on space and additional components.

Unique ‘spider’ distributor (except EB). Developed to overcome a number of issues the spider has been used in our filters since the early days. Its design allows:

  • Easy installation into the 6” flanged filter vessels
  • Even and efficient water flow in both back wash and service
  • It removes the need for a gravel support bed

Air draw protected by a nominal 0.2 micron air filter. Aerating iron removal filters have to draw air into the water. However, this is a potential contamination point. If, for instance, a filter is installed in a dusty or dirty environment then particulate could easily been drawn into the water stream. All Shakesby filters are protected by nominal 0.2 micron air filter which can stop bacteria as well as particulate.

The SM filter uses two air inlets one for service and one for backwash.

Industrial/Commercial Iron Removal Filters

The type of control valve used on the Industrial filters depends on the size of the unit. Both the Fleck 2850 (1.5”) and 3150 (2”) multi-port control valves are used with the largest filters using ‘discrete’ valves. These are usually pneumatically operated A.Q.matic valves. All of the components we use have long established reputations for performance and reliability.

Our own propriety catalytic filter media is a light weight material which accelerates the reaction between oxygen and iron

The control valves are modified to our own specification and then incorporated into the various designs. Both TM and SM filters are continually aerating iron removal filters using components designed and manufactured by us and local engineering partners.