SM range

The SM range is our most comprehensive Iron removal filter designed to cope with any iron level. Every feature has been designed to maintain superb continuous operation and extended service intervals. The SM design reduces the build up of iron to a minimum within the filter itself, which in turn increases performance over conventional systems.

The unique design of these filters ensures that air is drawn into the water whenever there is a demand for water. We refer to these filters as ‘Continually Aerating’. This feature means that the water is saturated with oxygen allowing the filter to cope with and remove higher levels of iron.

The SM configuration has many advantages:

  • Extended service intervals
  • Reduced life time operating costs
  • Flexible design allowing multiple options to suit any site conditions
  • Ease of servicing over conventional TM filters
  • Separate service and backwash circuits improving performance

SM ETD range

The SM ETD range is designed to cope with low to very high levels of iron and can be used to produce a pressurised or an open ended supply depending on site requirements.

With adequate yield and pressure from the supply combined with a well designed distribution network a direct system can keep system components to a minimum (E ‘T’ D function).

Where peak demand surpasses the yield of the supply then appropriately sized storage tanks and booster pumps can be utilised. The ET ‘D’ function will allow opened ended float switch control.

Models: SM ETD2162, 2472, 3072, 3672, 4272 & 4882

SM SVET range

When an untreated supply of water is used for irrigation or washing down and only part of the site requires treated water the SVET range can be used. These will take the required water from the untreated supply and produce a treated pressurised supply.

SVET’s are also useful in other situations:

  • If communication with the borehole pump is not possible.
  • If the borehole pump produces too much pressure for the filter.
  • Or, if the borehole pump is of the positive displacement type.

Models: SM SVET2162, 2472, 3072, 3672, 4272 & 4882

SM SVED range

The SVED range offers a combination of both the ETD and SVET functions. Working from a raw pressurised supply it will treat the required water and feed a float switch controlled storage tank. Very useful on farms requiring different water quality requirements.

The use of treated water storage has many advantages over a direct supply. All iron removal filters can only supply treated water at a given flow rate depending on the size of filter. It is often the case that the peak demand on site may be much higher than the filter or even the supply itself can provide. However, with a suitably sized tank the peak flow can be accommodated while the filter supplies water to the tank at the average flow rate.

Models: SM SVED2162, 2472, 3072, 3672, 4272 & 4882








Service flow rate







Backwash flow rate







Dimensions H x W mm

2355 x 1108

2452 x 1184

2429 x 1338

2452 x 1490

2500 x 1640

2600 x 1800

All data is approximate. Flow rates measured in m3/hr.
*British Patent No. 2368028, 1586689, 206217