TM range

The TM range is our entry level Industrial iron removal filter. Compact and fully integrated they offer a cost effective solution for smaller industrial and commercial supplies with relatively low iron levels. With very good service intervals and easily dismantled inlet components.

TM ETD range

The ETD range is designed to treat all of the water from the borehole pump. They are fully integrated filters and can produce high volumes of treated water and cope with low to moderate iron levels.

They can produce a direct pressurised supply or feed an open ended tank.

Models: TM ETD2162 & TM ETD2472

TM SVET range

Often, an untreated supply of water is useful for irrigation or washing down and only part of the site requires treated water. In these circumstances the SVET range can be used. These will take the required water from the untreated supply and produce a treated pressurised supply.

SVET’s are also useful in other situations:

If communication with the borehole pump is not possible.
If the borehole pump produces too much pressure for the filter.
Or, if the borehole pump is of the positive displacement type.

Models: TM SVET2162 & TM SVET2472

TM SVED range

The SVED range offers a combination of both the ETD and SVET functions. Working from a raw pressurised supply it will treat the required water and feed a float switch controlled storage tank. Very useful on farms requiring different water quality requirements.

The use of treated water storage has many advantages over a direct supply. All iron removal filters can only supply treated water at a given flow rate depending on the size of filter. It is often the case that the peak demand on site may be much higher than the filter or even the supply itself can provide. However, with a suitably sized tank the peak flow can be accommodated while the filter supplies water to the tank at the average flow rate.

Models: TM SVED2162 & TM SVED2472

TM Specifications:

ETD, SVET/D 2162

ETD, SVET/D 2472

Service flow rate



Backwash flow rate



Dimensions H x W mm

2110 x 549

2303 x 625

All data is approximate. Flow rates measured in m3/hr.